never clean your house during hurricane season

Never Clean Your House During Hurricane Season Published!

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All the proceeds will go to charity, including The St. Bernard Project, a program that helps those affected by Katrina and the BP oil disaster in New Orleans’ neighboring parish of St. Bernard.

Thu, 09/23/2010 (All day)

Hurricane Columns Intro

Up until Katrina, Modine Gunch was Everywoman who fought with pantyhose until they went out of style, shoved dirty dishes into the oven when her mother-in-law was coming up the walk, shudderingly oversaw school science projects involving roaches, and insisted that a dish that didn’t survive the dishwasher didn’t deserve to live.

Never Clean Your House During Hurricane Season

Coming in Fall 2010!
Five years ago, Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast, changing... everything.

Modine Gunch was there with her friends and family and, month after month, kept readers laughing through their tears on the events that followed.

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